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Cleeng Merchant

What is Cleeng Merchant?

Cleeng Merchant provides your organization with a simple and secure solution for handling ePayments and optimizing your checkout process. Cleeng Merchant offers a multi-lingual checkout, that is truly optimised for high conversion rates in many countries and currencies. It is deeply integrated with leading payment providers such as Adyen and Paypal for payment processing, as well as handling all legal compliance (GDPR), financial, taxation (VAT, GST…) and fraud constraints for you. Cleeng Merchant’s payment gateway provides the ability for direct payments or the processing of credit cards on behalf of broadcasters to be verified and accepted or denied using secure connections.


When Cleeng Merchant, we always ensure that both viewers and broadcasters benefit from our services. Here are some reasons why an Integrated Payment Gateway is beneficial to you:


  • Increased Sales: Having an integrated PSP will help lessen frequency and severity of credit card fraud.
  • Easier gain of users trust: Through PSP, you can make sure that user data is encrypted and secure.
  • Familiarity: It will be easier for users to enter their credit card details if you use a payment gateway that is familiar with them.
  • Easier access: Using Payment Gateway allows the users to pay without the trouble of too many pop-up new pages.


Cleeng continues to grow and we are constantly innovating. We're pleased to let you know that our broadcasters around the globe will be able to integrate all payment methods into our core solutions through our API in the coming updates. To know the importance of our APIs, see here.

For any further questions, please contact the Cleeng Customer Success Team


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